Raw Fresh Cheddar -  Hill Farm " CLASSIC"

Raw Fresh Cheddar - Hill Farm " CLASSIC"

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'Fresh from the Press'

A fresh Cheddar perfectly reflecting the rich pastures the cows are currently grazing. 

Firm but moist in texture, with an after-taste reminiscent of a sweet Cheshire Cheese.  As this cheese  continues to mature however, it becomes more like a Cheddar.

Enjoy the unique freshness that aged cheeses don't have - it will keep you coming back for more!

Lightly seasoned with natural Himalayan Salt. We occasionally make an unsalted batch - email hillfarmrealfood@gmail.com for next availability.

Keep refrigerated & eat within the week. Fresh cheese doesn't last as long as matured cheese, but it's very more-ish so most people find it doesn't tend to hang around for long!

Raw, 100% A2,  and 100% Grass Fed, from our special herd of cows as are all our dairy products.