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Hill Farm Real Food

Raw Organic A2 Grass Fed Milk, 2 litre bottle

Raw Organic A2 Grass Fed Milk, 2 litre bottle

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Unpasteurised, unhomogenised and organic. From our small herd of 100% A2 cows who are fed on a 100% grass & pasture diet. They graze on a diverse mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, and in the winter they eat the best haylage made from the same diverse pastures. They are absolutely not fed with any GM feeds, soya, byproducts or grains. A2 milk is well known for being easier to digest for many people, and many studies have shown the nutritional superiority of milk from cows fed a 100% grass & pasture diet. 'Pasture for Life' certified, just like all our dairy & beef products.

Raw milk contains many probiotics and prebiotics to nourish your microbiome and boost immunity... This all adds up to create a real nutrient dense health food.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alexandros Yiasemi

I’ve drank a lot of milk before and none have been as nourishing as Hill Farm’s Raw A2 Milk - my body feels exceptional with this milk!

seth keyser
Thank you

I have tried more than ten different raw milk's in England. This one comes out on top.

Thank you Hill Farm for offering this amazing food at the highest quality possible.

Ursja Gestrin

This milk gives me cravings for more of it. As it’s summer I use it to blend with frozen mango. What I get is an amazingly creamy smoothie. Almost like melted Italian gelato :)
Absolutely love this milk. It has a specific taste that is delicious, creamy and naturally sweet. I buy more and then freeze it as delivery is not cheap.

Elizabeth Mclachlan
Excellent product but difficult to get hold of

Please can you contact me urgently about my missed delivery!! Tried email and your Facebook page but DPD failed to deliver on Tuesday and say I have to contact you to rearrange but I can’t get a response.

Absolutely amazing!

This milk is absolutely delicious! I have it in my lattes everyday. Will definitely be buying regularly. The postage is a bit steep but I just make sure to buy enough to make it worth it and freeze the rest till I need it.
Also I have no idea if this could be related as I can find no evidence to support this, but, my own milk supply has increased! By a noticeable amount. Would be interesting if studies were done on this in the future.

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