Serving tips

Known as the ‘Champagne of dairy’, Kefir is a living product that can sometimes surprise you by frothing out of the bottle upon opening - it's sometimes a good idea to open the bottle over a bowl!

Being a natural product, every fermentation is slightly different - if it isn't fizzing too much when opened, rest assured the good bugs are still there, ready to go. If you prefer more fizz, consider leaving the bottle at room temperature for a couple of hours before opening.

It often separates out with a creamy layer onto top and a watery layer at the bottom - just give it a quick shake before opening... and open carefully! Occasionally it can also separate out into curds and whey - this is still good to enjoy, but you may like to use a blender to restore the texture.

To enjoy at it's best, we suggest keeping it for up to 2 weeks in the fridge - it will still keep beyond this time (it's full of good bugs) but the taste can become a little strong for many people after this stage... although many seasoned Kefir drinkers prefer it 'mature' or even 'vintage'! In general, the fresher the Kefir, the less 'sour' in taste.

When opening a bottle, let it 'gas off' for a minute or two before sampling it, just like you would with a good wine.

Many people enjoy their kefir blended in a smoothie with other items. Try your favourite fruits or berries. One of our favourite options involves a mix of Kefir, collagen peptides, egg yolks, raw honey and cacoa powder.

How much per day? Whatever you feel suits you. We suggest starting with between 100ml and 250ml per day, and go with what feels right for your body. Many people find they get all the benefits at this level, other people enjoy 500ml per day or even more. Once your taste and your body get the 'feel' for it, people often experience cravings for Kefir and drink a lot of it for a few days or weeks, before returning to a lower level once your body is recharged.