We love hearing feedback from our customers about our Kefir and other products.Some are listed below, with more to be added:

Regarding kefir, I have had an intolerance to milk and its byproducts since I was 18 years old (now 73) and it was not until I read an article about A1 and A2 bêta casein protein that I found you.
I couldn't tolerate kefir, not even goat's milk kefir.  However your A2 kefir is absolutely wonderful. I drink half a bottle every morning, minus half a cup which my German Shepherd bitch Agnes has - she loves it. It is easily digestible and sets us up for the day. I have found that since drinking your A2 kefir, I feel healthy, do not have any 'internal' issues or problems. I would recommend this amazing 'start the day' drink to everyone. A2 milk and related products, especially kefir, are totally different in taste, digestive ability and feeling of well being to 'ordinary' A1 or even a mix of A1 and A2 milk and associated products. Your farm produce has changed my life.
Thank you so much for the care you take to provide such extra special A2 kefir. I have mine on subscription and really look forward to my glass of kefir every morning.
Thank you so much.
Avril (Hereford)


Hello, I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your kefir. I am on with the 2nd delivery now and love it's fresh tangy taste. I have long been a consumer of supermarket kefir and have it to improve my gut microbes which in turn keeps my digestion moving properly! Not too much info I hope! Anyway your kefir is far more lively and enjoyable than said supermarket type. I like that the packaging is mostly recyclable and am keeping the wool to cover in a pillow case to insulate my dog's bed. Thank you for farming and producing a high quality product. Tracy and Isla ( an adorable Collie/Jack Russell cross)