Wild Garlic Butter (cultured & unsalted) 250g

Wild Garlic Butter (cultured & unsalted) 250g

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Made from raw milk from our unique herd of  100% A2 cattle, completely grass & pasture fed.

Hand-made using traditional methods; this fresh cream is cultured for 24 hours before churning with the addition of fresh wild garlic,  grown, picked and dried here on the farm.

'Funtastic', teamed up with your favourite steak, toasty sourdough or crackers, in fact, anything where you need that extra 'pzazz!'.

Unsalted, so you can tailor your recipes.

This butter from our 100% grass fed cows contains highly available levels of many vitamins essential to health, eg;

- a perfect ratio of omega 3 : omega 6 fats;

- an impressive line-up of fat-soluble vitamins D, E & K2;

- the Wulzen Factor, CLA, and trace minerals including manganese, chromium, zinc, copper & selenium.

And don't forget the wild garlic!  Known down the centuries throughout Europe for its most excellent health benefits.