SKIMMED Raw A2 grass fed milk, 1 litre bottle

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Unpasteurised and unhomogenised. From our small herd of 100% A2 cows who are fed on a 100% grass & pasture diet. They graze on a diverse mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, and in the winter they eat the best haylage made from the same diverse pastures. They are absolutely not fed with any GM feeds, soya, byproducts or grains. A2 milk is well known for being easier to digest for many people, and many studies have shown the nutritional superiority of milk from cows fed a 100% grass & pasture diet. 'Pasture for Life' certified, just like all our dairy & beef products.

Raw milk contains many probiotics and prebiotics to nourish your microbiome and boost immunity... This all adds up to create a real nutrient dense health food.