SPRING MEADOW Cheddar (fresh & raw)

SPRING MEADOW Cheddar (fresh & raw)

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You're in for a real Spring treat! 

Made with raw milk from our unique herd of A2, 100% grass & pasture fed cows, this Cheddar is delicately laced through with dandelion & cleavers, freshly picked and dried at the Farm.

Heralding its arrival after a long winter sleep with a burst of colour, the dandelion is golden for hungry bumble bees - but frowned upon by newly emerging gardeners after their Long Winter Sleep, with sleeves covered in cleavers.

However, these humble plants have always been valued for their outstanding medicinal properties:

Dandelions support the immune system and are great for liver & kidneys, helping cleanse the body and improve gall bladder function.  Known to be rich in iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C,  and luteolin which protects the bones from aging.  Also helpful in lowering blood sugar levels; and known to have anti cancer properties.  

As for cleavers - an even longer list of medicinal benefits - too long to list here!   Perhaps that is why they are always wanting to stick to you - they are trying to tell you something by hanging on to your sleeve!

The combined flavour of these humble herbs makes for an exquisite surprise hidden deep inside!  As you sink your teeth into this cheese, you will already be thinking of the next bite,  just to remind yourself of how good it really is!


(Do check for contra-indications when using herbs.  Whilst extremely good for you, some may not be so helpful for certain conditions or medications.   For example, it is advised to avoid cleavers whilst pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking blood thinners).