Hill Farm Eggs

Hill Farm Eggs - from hens on the move!

Our active hens are fed a fully organic, GM-free, soya-free, antibiotic-free diet and are free to forage and roam on our pasture as nature intended. They also receive supplements of dried seaweed, herbal mixes and apple cider vinegar to boost their natural immunity and health. We're proud to say we've never given them antibiotics!

Our hen-houses are built with wheels or skids - we call them 'Hen-Wagons'. This means we can move them every few days to fresh green grass, unlike your average 'free range' flocks which usually stay permanently on the same (nearly bare) patch of ground. Our hens can explore the surrounding grassland from their base and enjoy healthy, happy lives, full of fresh air and sunlight.

Regular fresh pastures are not just good for the hen - it is also better for the egg. Studies have shown the nutritional superiority of eggs from regularly moved, pasture-raised hens. These studies have found vastly increased levels of Vitamins A, E and D, as well as Omega 3, Beta Carotene and Folic Acid.

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