ORGANIC A2 DAIRY & QUALITY BEEF from our 100% grass fed cows, plus much more

Delivered nationwide ~ or click & collect from the farm

We are the Aidley family and we grow nutrient dense Real Food, using natural grass fed, pasture-based, regenerative and organic methods.

Proud to be one of only a handful of dairy & beef producers certified by PASTURE FOR LIFE! Meaning the cattle's diet is 100% home-grown grass pasture.

We are passionate about re-connecting farmers and consumers whilst doing the best we can for the animals and land in our care.

Healthy soil means healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy people.

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This is Hill Farm

All products are grown here, by us, to very high standards.

We have 3 key aims:

- To provide the highest quality nutrition for humans

- To massively benefit the local ecology and the wider environment

- To operate with top welfare standards that respects the physiology of all animals & plants involved

In all these cases, we find we can acheive the optimum levels by comprehending and copying nature and natural systems.