Why is our Kefir unique?


We set out to create the most healthy Kefir possible. 

To achieve this, we pay close attention to every single step in its creation. From the soil, to the pasture, to the cow, to the culturing process, to the bottle, to you!

It all starts with healthy regenerating soils on our organic land, growing natural diverse pasture.

We are proud to be one of only a handful of dairy farms certified by the Pasture for Life scheme - meaning our cows are fed a 100% grass & pasture diet. Many studies have shown the nutritional superiority of milk products from cows fed in this way. Our cows graze on a diverse natural mixture of grasses, legumes, herbs, and tree-browse. We are constantly moving them to fresh pastures, using a system known as 'Holistic Planned Grazing' for most of the year, and in the worst winter weather they eat the best hay and haylage made from the same diverse pastures earlier in the year. They are absolutely not given any GM feeds, soya, byproducts or grains, and we have a zero antibiotic policy on our farm. To promote natural health, we also give them access to dried Celtic Seaweed and Himalayan Rock Salt to supply a natural range of bio-available minerals.

A2 milk is well known for being easier to digest for many people, and because it is Raw (unpasteurised), all the natural probiotics, vitamins and minerals from the fresh milk are also present in large, bio-available amounts. Every cow in our herd is individually tested as being A2A2, meaning they all produce 100% A2 milk protein.

We feed our Authentic Kefir Cultures daily with raw milk still warm from milking, straight from our small herd of Jersey, Friesian & Ayrshire cows. Genuine live cultures of Kefir 'grains' which have been cultured for hundreds of years have been shown to be far superior to commercially made kefir, both in terms of probiotic diversity and superiority of flavour.

Our Kefir is fermented in small batches, in our original Victorian Farmhouse dairy. Because we are dealing with a natural, live culture (which sometimes has a mind of it's own!), constant human interaction and adjustment is necessary to keep the culture working at it's best. It's a skill that takes some learning... Both challenging and rewarding, and somewhere between an art and a science!

We believe all this makes our Kefir a pretty unique product!

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