100% A2 raw milk and dairy products from 100% grass fed cows

We selected a small group of very special cows to produce a superfood to share with you. These girls are a mix of Jersey, Friesian and Ayrshire breeding and have been chosen for their ability to produce 100% natural A2 milk of very high quality.

We also use this milk to make kefir, cheese, and occasionally cream.

What our animals eat is as important as what we eat. A cow's primal diet is a diverse range of grass types, supplemented by naturally occurring herbs, legumes and tree browse.

No GM - no soya - no grain - no antibiotics ever

Why A2?

Many people with intolerance to conventional dairy products find that they can consume A2 milk with no problems. The cows producing our milk have been independently DNA verified to carry the A2A2 gene, meaning their milk will contain 100% A2 protein and no A1 protein.

A2 is the original milk protein and is produced by most mammals, for example sheep, goats, rabbits and even humans all produce A2 protein in their milk. A long time ago, all cows produced A2, but at some point in the last few hundred years the A1 gene became dominant in the cattle population.

Why raw milk? 

Raw milk is utilised by the body far more easily than pasteurised - because the many beneficial probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, fats and proteins have not been 'cooked' the human body absorbs them to maximum benefit.

Raw milk contains many probiotics and prebiotics to nourish your microbiome and boost immunity.

This all adds up to create a real nutrient dense health food.

Whilst we prefer to sell raw milk with all its benefits, we may also introduce a pasteurised range if there is enough demand. If you want pasteurised A2 milk please send feedback to and we will see what we can do!

Why 100% grass fed?

Many studies have shown the beneficial effects of 100% grass/pasture feeding on the levels of important nutrients in the milk, including Omega 3's, CLA's and many vitamins including A, D and the elusive K2. The effect of the green leaf at the base of the food chain is amazing.

These cows graze naturally on the diverse pastures on our farm, in spring, summer and autumn. These pastures contain a range of grasses, herbs and legumes, and the cows choose their menu themselves! They also have access to trees and hedges which they selectively browse from. In the winter they are fed high quality haylage made from these same pastures, with absolutely NO concentrate feeds, by-products or grain. They are not pushed to produce high yields, as we want every litre to be as nutrient-dense as possible. 

Very few farms feed their dairy cows a 100% grass diet, and most products marketed as grass fed often feed a grain supplement also.

All our calves are naturally suckled, we use a combination of their own mothers and what we call 'nanny cows' - basically some of the cows have more maternal instinct than others, so we allow these to focus on suckling their own calf plus 1 or 2 others (depending on how much milk they produce), whilst the cows which are less strongly maternal, are milked (just once per day) to produce milk for sale. All our calves are kept suckling naturally for 9-10 months which correlates with when wild ruminants would naturally wean by themselves (for context - most dairy farms conventionally would feed formula milk and then wean calves around 6-8 weeks, by comparison). The gentle transition we practice means our calves are very well grown, naturally healthy, and well-adapted for a life eating their natural diet with no need for supplements or medications.

We rotate the cows around the fields, using a system variously known as mob grazing / holistic grazing / adaptive grazing. This replicates the movements of wild ruminants and gives the cows constant access to a range of fresh forages, which maximises cow health and builds organic matter in the soil - in other words carbon sequestration... YES, managed correctly, cows are GOOD for the environment!!

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