Our Cultured Ghee

Hill Farm Cultured Ghee is made with 100% Organic milk from our unique small herd of cows which produce 100%  A2 milk. Our cattle are all fed 100% grass in their diet (certified by Pasture for Life) and we have a zero antibiotic policy on our farm.

As far as we know, ours is the only Ghee on the market that meets all the above criteria.

Cultured & churned in small batches in our Victorian farmhouse dairy, our Ghee is made in the traditional way and nothing is rushed.

Our cultured Ghee has a subtle flavour, with hints of caramel, nuttiness, and of course butter. The texture is slightly 'grainy' which indicates it has been made in the traditional manner.

Ghee has been treasured for thousands of years in India, and is highly prized in Ayurvedic literature as one of the purest forms of nourishment.

With a high smoke point of 250c, this 'super-clarified butter' is versatile in all kinds of cooking.

A great butter substitute for paleo, keto and similar diets, as the milk solids have been removed.

It's the ultimate shelf-stable food due to it's low moisture content and will retain freshness without refrigeration. It can be kept in the fridge if preferred but the important thing is to avoid fluctuations in temperature.

It takes a huge amount of milk to make 1 jar of Ghee - we like to think of it as a way of compressing as much dairy goodness as possible into one little pot of gold!