About us

We are the Aidley family. We love food, and we love farming.

Our story at Hill Farm began in 1938 when Tim's grandfather started farming here. Currently full time on the farm are Tim and Elaine Aidley and their sons Matt and Isaac... But Tim and Elaine have 6 sons in total! Ben and Dan are still in education but help out most days. Sim and Pete have their own careers but help out on the farm when needed, as do Matt's wife Racheal and young son William.

Dairy has traditionally been the main enterprise on the farm, but for a long time we have sold meat and eggs locally to friends and family. We have always run a natural grass based system and have increasingly become aware of the importance of regenerative systems of animal and land management. 

Encouraged by strong demand for properly produced food, we have decided to 'go for it' and set up HILL FARM REAL FOOD so we can share all the tasty benefits of our farm with you!