Why 100% grass fed?

We are proud to be one of very few UK dairy farms certified by 'Pasture for Life' (see their website Pasture for Life – Certified 100% grass-fed meat, milk and dairy - also here Good for your health – Pasture for Life – Certified 100% grass-fed meat, milk and dairy)

This means our cattle are fed 100% grass & pasture at all stages of their lives with zero use of grains, corn, soya, by-products etc

Beware of 'grass fed' imposters without the Pasture For Life certification - by law any product can be described as 'grass fed' if the animal has eaten at least 'some' grass in it's life. 100% grass fed / 100% pasture fed is what you need to look for.

Our cows graze naturally on the diverse pastures on our farm, in spring, summer and autumn. These pastures contain a range of grasses, herbs and legumes, and the cows choose their menu themselves! They also have access to trees and hedges which they selectively browse from. Our grazing is planned so they have access to fresh grass for as many days of the year as possible, and in the winter they are also fed high quality haylage made from these same pastures. They are not pushed to produce high yields, as we want every litre to be as high in nutrients as possible. 

To promote natural health, they are allowed free-access to dried organic Celtic Seaweed and Himalayan Rock Salt to supply a natural range of bio-available minerals to them. Due to our diverse pastures, they only take very small amounts of these, but this allows them to optimise their mineral intakes.

We rotate the cows around the fields, using a system variously known as mob grazing / holistic grazing / adaptive grazing. This replicates the movements of wild ruminants and gives the cows constant access to a range of fresh forages, which maximises cow health and builds organic matter in the soil - in other words carbon sequestration... YES, managed correctly, cows are GOOD for the environment!!