Real Pork grown here at Hill Farm.

GM-free, soya free, happy pigs. We feed only certified organic feed, and supplement their diet with any spare whey, milk and kefir from the dairy. They also have the opportunity to eat grass or hay which they love to munch on.

We keep mostly Gloucester Old Spots plus a few other traditional breeds, all selected for their superior eating quality. 

Our pigs are bred and fed to ensure a meat with great eating quality, and we work with expert local artisan butchers to process our pork. Our customers definitely agree it's a cut above the rest!

All cuts of pork are available through our webshop - click 'SHOP NOW' on the menu at the top.

We think it's really important to allow each species of animals to express their natural physiology and habits. In the case of the pig, they love to dig and rootle! So we keep our pigs on fresh pasture ('pastured pork'), or if the weather is disagreeable, we bring them inside to dig in deep straw bedding. We actually utilise the pigs' love of digging to help turn their bedding into lots of compost which we use to boost the natural fertility of the soil!