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With apple from the orchard, orange zest, star-anise and pure ginger nibs - this is a tea to greet you in the morning - with a smile and a "well, hello!" - like a good sunrise!

Our zest comes from  freshly-picked, organic unwaxed oranges that have been sourced directly from a Spanish  farm,  through 'Crowdfarming', an organisation that guarantees fair prices for farmers and top quality for customers.  We dry the fresh zest for our teas, preserve some of the oranges in salt and share the rest.  Quite simply, the best flavour & aroma we can find!

Orange zest is known to be high in certain phytochemicals, flavonoids & other antioxidants, as well as vitamin A, B, C, E, and copper, calcium & magnesium (and especially high in potassium). 

 Star anise is the Star of the Show,  favoured for its liquorice-like flavour & vital health benefits, finding its perfect balance in this authentic blend, alongside citrous notes of orange glow with ginger warmth, and apple delight.

From the rising of the sun, may your day be 'a good'un!'