Collection: Wild & Herbal Teas

Bring the great outdoors, indoors, to you and have a cup of tea, courtesy of Hill Farm!

We've put together a unique selection of teas, handpicked & foraged from field, to hedgerow, to woodland, to herb garden - all on our farm - so you can savour the flavour of each new season.  And look out for new teas as the seasons change, as different herbs, flowers, leaves, roots & fruits make their appearance.

All our teas offer individual health benefits in their unique mix  to rehydrate and re-vitalise - check each products description to find out.

We suggest to every cup of water (filtered is recommended), add 1 tablespoon of tea; cover & steep 5-10 mins, then strain & serve. If you like it stronger, then stir & steep for longer!  Or add more tea!

As for tea brewing equipment, there is an excellent range 'out there', from borosilicate glass teapots for 1, 2 or 4 people (withstanding high temperatures, lead/toxic free & stove top friendly), to quality ceramic tea mugs complete with infusers, and lids which double up as coasters to protect your table, to the humble stainless steel infuser & lid to sit inside an ordinary mug. 

The choice is yours - plan to savour the moment and make an occasion of your tea drinking - get cosy with a favourite book, friends or family, in a favourite place - be warmed and refreshed whatever the weather! 

 (As with all things herbal, be sure to check for contra-indications on any medications with your doctor, and safety during pregnancy.)

You will notice all teas are priced the same, despite their different weights.  But rest assured, each packet of tea is full - it's just a matter of different types of teas having different densities.