Collection: Real CHEESE

PLEASE NOTE - our cheese is currently in limited supply due to high demand for our other dairy products, but we are making the occasional batch which will be shared on here.

We believe we produce some very unique products here at Hill Farm - our Cheeses are made with 100% A2 Raw Milk from our 100% grass and pasture fed cows. All our dairy products are certified 'Pasture for Life.'

Our cheeses are hand-made entirely with milk from our small herd of cows which are all independently tested to produce 100% A2 milk protein, which many people find beneficial to health. Our cheese is truly raw, being made with warm milk fresh from the cow, and never heated above 32°C throughout the process, to ensure all the beneficial life in the milk is intact.

What our animals eat is as important as what we eat. A cow's primal diet is a diverse range of grass types, supplemented by naturally occurring herbs, legumes and tree browse. This all contributes to the intensity and complexity of flavours which are accentuated in the unrushed, natural Cheese making process. 

No need for GM, soya, grain or antibiotics.