Hill Farm Beef - only the best

Our beef cattle are finished on a 100% grass & pasture diet here at Hill Farm, grazing our diverse grass, clover and herb rich pastures. Grass fed beef is increasingly popular to due its desirable Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios, and elevated levels of beta-carotene, conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin E and many others. It's increasingly being accepted as the King of meats! 

We truly believe that correctly managed, grass/pasture fed beef is among the most nutritious and climate-friendly foods you can eat. We aim to replicate the effect of the large herds of wild ruminants which have roamed in every continent for millenia, evolving alongside pasture plants and interspersed woody species creating a patchwork of wood and pasture. This creates a diversity of habitats and maximises carbon drawdown into the soil, restoring both the carbon cycle and the water cycle. Food production doesn't have to be extractive.

Most of our beef animals come from the Hereford breed, a heritage bloodline renowned for its meat quality on a foraging system. And it does taste pretty good, we have to say!

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