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~ REAL & LIVE - The ultimate probiotic.
~ Boost your immune system and feed your microbiome.
~ Genuine Kefir made on our organic regenerative family farm.
~ Fresh & raw.
~ From our unique herd of cows which produce all-natural A2 milk protein for ease of digestion
~ Our cows are fed a 100% grass & pasture diet to boost their own health and yours.
~ Certified ORGANIC & 'Pasture for Life' 

Kefir contains a strong diverse range of probiotics, and is well known for its ability to feed the microbiome and strengthen the immune system.

We feed our authentic kefir cultures daily with warm raw milk straight from the cow – from our small herd of 100% A2 cows who are fed on a 100% grass & pasture diet. They graze on a diverse mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, and in the winter they eat the best hay and haylage made from the same diverse pastures. They are absolutely not fed with any GM feeds, soya, byproducts or grains, and never given antibiotics. They are given access to dried Celtic Seaweed and Himalayan Rock Salt to supply a natural range of minerals.

A2 milk is well known for being easier to digest for many people, and because it is raw (unpasteurised) all the natural probiotics, vitamins and minerals from the fresh milk are also present in large, bio-available amounts.

Many studies have shown the nutritional superiority of milk products from cows fed a 100% grass & pasture diet. We believe all this makes our Kefir a pretty unique product.

Genuine live cultures of Kefir grains which have been cultured for hundreds of years have been shown to be far superior to commercially made kefir both in terms of probiotic diversity and superiority of flavour.

Known as the ‘Champagne of dairy’, it is a living product that can sometimes surprise  - if you find it separates out naturally after being still for a while -just upend it slowly a couple of times to re-blend and smooth things out and all will be well.


  • is a tasty refreshing slightly carbonated fermented milk beverage similar to yoghurt or buttermilk;
  • is an ancient healing superfood that originated roughly 2000 years ago amongst the nomadic shepherds in the Caucasus Mountains between Europe and Russia – often referred to as ‘a wonder beverage from the ancient world;’ 
  • is the most popular fermented milk drink in Russia;
  • is the stuff of legend: ‘manna from heaven’ – originally a closely guarded secret in every home that had a bag of it, made of animal hide,  hanging outside fermenting in the sun during the day, and hanging by the door at night - as more kefir was taken out to drink, more milk would be added.  A great way of preserving milk,  families passed different strains down from generation to generation and became fierce guardians of their methods of producing kefir – understandable as kefir was considered a source of wealth.   Well-guarded as a gut-fortifying and health-giving treasure for nearly 2,000 years (it is thought that many centenarians in the Caucasus Mountains on the borders of Iran, owed their longevity to kefir.   Marco Polo mentions it in his book “The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian”,  as a mare’s milk drink made by Tartar women, “ with the qualities and flavour of white wine”… he called the beverage kemurs.   In order to make kefir available to all of Russia, a plot was hatched,  involving a kidnap of a beautiful woman - and so in 1908, 'the Blandov brothers' sold the first commercially produced kefir grains in Russia.  These grains were used to treat tuberculosis, digestive disorders,  and even cancer with apparent success;
  • a symbiotic colony of beneficial yeast and bacteria, known as grains,  which are clumps of gelatinous beads growing together in a small clump,  resembling cauliflower,  rather than cereal grains.  These ‘grains’ are unique, in that they are outstanding in their contribution to the health of those who choose to drink milk kefir;
  • more powerful than yoghurt,  it is not destroyed by antibiotics, it survives the digestion process, it is potently anti-microbial, anti-bacterial,  anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant;  well-tolerated by the lactose-intolerant, and thought to protect against cancer because of its anti-mutagenic effect;
  • is translated as ‘feel good’ in Turkey, and that is what it does!
  • can improve bone health and lower the risk of osteoporosis;
  • is a good source of many nutrients, creating , essential amino acids,  vitamins A, B1, B3, Bg/folate, B12, D, K,/K2 and minerals;
  • contains a large diversity of probiotics – usually 45-60 strains, putting most mainstream probiotic supplements very much to shame. It feeds the tiny unseen army of microbes that live in our bodies and provide us with important health benefits such as boosting immunity, calming inflammation, assisting digestion, and creating amino acids, vitamins and enzymes; 
  • contains minimal lactose (milk sugar) which is already digested by the microbes – and hence producing a milk drink that is good for the lactose intolerant;
  • is very good at maintaining a balanced and healthy gut microbiome, which boosts the ability of the gut to fend off pathogenic microbes;
  • can decrease allergic responses to symptom triggering allergens;
  • according to research, has also been shown to reduce food allergies in study participants;
  • has been used extensively to treat traveler's diarrhea, gastritis,  IBS and other digestive complaints;
  • is useful in treating psoriasis, acne, eczema, gum disease, liver disease, gall bladder & helping dissolve gallbladder stones, fighting candida & other fungal infections;
  • It nourishes hair & potentially reduces the grey;
  • It has been known to lower blood sugar & LDL cholesterol, have anti-aging effects,  detoxify the body, and normalize metabolism to aid weight loss;
  • stimulates the immune system to be better at identifying and combating disease.
  • It has an undeniable history of health.

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