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Zesty & fresh, it can blow tension away like a cloud on a breezy day.

Made with lemon balm grown organically in the herb garden, with a sprinkle of unwaxed  organic lemon rind.  

We dry the lemon zest always at a low temperature - and the lemons - so fresh & tasty - are preserved in salt for culinary use.

These lemons are sourced directly from an Italian farm through 'Crowdfarming', an organisation dedicated to ensuring fair prices to organic farmers & top quality to customers straight to their door.

Lemon balm contains eugenol, an aromatic oily liquid with both antiseptic & anaesthetic properties. 

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Customer Reviews

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Avril Trigg
Interesting variation on lemon tea

Not as zingy and sharp as a traditional lemon tea because the predominant flavour is the lemon balm. This gives the tea a slightly 'creamy' consistency compared with the watery style of lemon only. It is refreshing and clean tasting first thing in the morning and produces a good infusion but a generous amount needed to appreciate the unusual flavour (heaped tablespoon per cup).

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