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Hill Farm Real Food

HILL FARM KEFIR 'Ginger & Maple Syrup' 500ml

HILL FARM KEFIR 'Ginger & Maple Syrup' 500ml

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GINGER & MAPLE SYRUP flavoured Raw Milk Kefir made with milk from our special A2 cows fed on a 100% grass & pasture diet.

No added sugar - all natural ingredients

~ REAL & LIVE - The ultimate probiotic
~ Genuine Kefir made on our organic regenerative family farm
~ Fresh & raw
~ From our unique herd of cows which produce all-natural A2 milk protein for ease of digestion
~ Our cows are fed a 100% grass & pasture diet to boost their own health and yours
~ Zero antibiotics used on our farm - the microbiome is all-important to us

We feed our authentic kefir cultures daily with raw milk straight from the cow – from our small herd of 100% A2 cows who are fed on a 100% grass & pasture diet. They graze on a diverse mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, and in the winter they eat the best haylage made from the same diverse pastures. They are not fed with any GM feeds, soya, byproducts or grains, and are never given antibiotics.  We believe all this makes our Kefir a pretty unique product.

Genuine live cultures of Kefir which have been cultured for hundreds of years have been shown to be far superior to commercially made kefir both in terms of probiotic diversity and superiority of flavour.

Known as the ‘Champagne of dairy’, it is a living product that can sometimes surprise you by frothing out of the bottle upon opening. It can separate out with a creamy layer onto top and a watery layer at the bottom - just give it a gentle shake before opening - and open carefully!


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