Raw Fresh Cheddar - Hill Farm  'EXQUISITO'

Raw Fresh Cheddar - Hill Farm 'EXQUISITO'

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Again,  'fresh from the press',  this raw Cheddar is exquisitely flavoured with purple basil,  oregano,  Welsh onion & wild garlic -  all organically grown, handpicked & dried from our garden at Hill Farm - adding exquisite flavour,  and increased health benefits.  Basil is known to be an adaptogen,  boosting your system when the need arises.

With a finishing coat of one of the finest organic olive oils Italy has to offer,  this cheese is superbly sweet & stretchy when melted.  Adding garlic, or bacon & sausage from Hill Farm makes a really exciting pizza topping.

Another cheese from Hill Farm to grace your table. And true to form, made from milk from our 100% A2 and grassfed herd.

English Cheddar with an Italian accent 

   . . .  truly  "  E X Q U I S I T O !  "