WILDWOOD Cheddar (fresh & raw) with Wild Garlic

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The wild garlic season is nearly past, but you can enjoy that woodsy flavour just a bit longer as we have been busy picking, drying and tucking away for winter!

Wild garlic has been known and grown down the centuries, especially throughout much of Europe, for its outstanding nutritional properties;  flecked through with wild garlic,  this cheese will definitely not disappoint - you will be instantly transported into a verdant opulence of aroma and flavour with every bite!  Surprisingly, the flavour of wild garlic is more subtle than cultivated garlic, so if you're looking for something a little more sublime, then wild garlic is the one.

Made with milk from our unique 100% grassfed  and A2 herd, and sprinkled throughout with wild garlic, this cheese is a real treat.